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          基督教学校与联邦,州和地方法规的遵守bt365体育在线投注应对covid-19大流行。我们一直在与bt365体育在线投注县卫生部门协调,以确保我们有一个面对面面对面教育安全的环境。 点击这里查看我们的预案

          以下数据是符合具备卫生和人类服务部(mdhhs)紧急命令下的密执安部门 MCL 333.2253


          从mdhhs要求, all schools are required to provide public notice via the school’s website within 24 hours of being notified of a school-associated COVID-19 case. All new cases represent positive cases that have been reported by Kalamazoo County Health & Community Services on that date. Cumulative cases represent the total number of cases to date, including new cases. Please note that the case count does not reflect an outbreak within the school. For a list of current school outbreaks, please visit MDHHS’ school-related 爆发报告网站, updated every Monday. For more information about COVID-19 in Kalamazoo County, please visit the Kalamazoo County Health & Community Services covid-19的仪表板.


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